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Our Mission

WYTV7 promotes education, empowerment and encouragement.

WYTV7-CBN, Inc., is an organization for charity and education with a goal to develop and align as a learning resource tool; that provides educational opportunity for individuals interested in learning from the programs we offer and the broadcast we produce.

About Us

WYTV7 provide a talk forum with people sharing real life experiences for educational purpose. People who learn with us achieve and amazing outcomes. Our videos cut to the core of the subjects they cover, dissecting them in way that are comprehensible and engaging our viewers.

Scholarship-Youth Financial Literacy Training Program

WYTV7 provide a 6 courses Youth Financial Literacy Training Program taught by Certified/Trained Instructors.

WYTV7 provide scholarships to students as a financial resource to help with their education.

Feeding Families with Food and Finance - View E-Gift Card Program

WYTV7 electronic gift card program provides resource to feeding families with finance and food. We provide financial management; along with a nutritional class on healthy eating. We use our Financial Literacy programs to feed families with financial knowledge by understanding needs vs wants and income vs expense.

WYTV7 gift card program can be donated and then award as a appreciation for service in the community to acknowledge any service person's work, provide food to needy families or get medication at a pharmacy for a senior citizen or those in need. See list of cards they never expire and cards are generated upon purchase. View Electronic Cards Available

Operational- Help our organization with our general operational, equipment and expenses. To learn more about any of our programs contact us @ (980) 202-2915.